Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome- Lets get started!

I am so excited!!! This is obviously my first post and I can't wait to see how far this blog goes! I've been talking to a girlfriend of mine recently about how much creativity I've been feeling. I thought about writing, but realized I'm not any good at writing books. She had the genius idea of blogging. Its a great way for me to tie together crafting and writing. I appreciate all of you for your support and I hope I'll be inspirational to you all. I really have to thank Gavin the most for giving me the passion to craft. Looking around on line, I realized how many easy, fun, sometimes messy, crafts there were out there to try with him. So lets get to it!!


What You'll Need 
4 small saucers
A pack of 4 different food colors
A towel
Old clothes for you mom
At least 12 tbs of plain yogurt
Few sheets of white paper

This was the first craft that we got to try. I looked around quite a bit for different ideas, but quickly found a lot of them required boiling and cooking. I don't really have all the time for that, so it came down to yogurt and food coloring. That's right all, 2 easy, cheap, ingredients!!! So with a quick trip to the store, I was home on the kitchen floor at work. I used the neon food coloring so the "paint" would be a lot brighter. I got out the small saucers so it would be easier for Gavin to get his hands in there and I put the plain yogurt on each plate. After adding the different colors to the yogurt, I stirred it up and we were ready to go! Feel free to use as much or as little food coloring as you'd like. Also try mixing colors for more options. I would advise putting a towel under the area you are working on to protect from the food coloring. I would also recommend wearing old clothes moms. I learned this point very quickly lol. I got Gavin down to his diaper and away we went!

We used simple, white, computer paper to put the "paint" on. Besides the yogurt being cold, Gavin had a blast. It was also a healthy, happy treat every time he stuck his hands in his mouth! Once he was finished, he had made 3 different finger paintings. I put them all on the kitchen table and let them dry over night. The next morning, they were complete. I decided to hang one on the fridge and the other 2 are to be given as part of his grandmas' Christmas gifts. It never dawned on me how cheap and fun it would be to create those most cherished gifts for family.

Please keep in mind, if you're a neat freak like I am, it is VERY easy to clean up. The yogurt and color comes right off baby's skin. We waited to do the project right before his bath time so I could just transfer him from one place to the other. With seeing how easy it really was, I will definitely remember this project for the future as he gets older.